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Empower a Girl – Empower a Nation.


In 2009, Mrs. Fiona Kiggundu was approached by a young girl named Beck. She was 14 years old at the time and a pupil at Kalinabiri Primary school a school in the Ntinda area and in employment in a certain home as a domestic worker. 

Skills Development

Skills Development

We support Girl teenagers in School as well as those that have dropped out of school due to early marriage or early pregnancy through our Girl Empowerment program.


Building campaign

Project Princess Initiative and some well-wishers built a school for the children of the drop out teenage Mothers..


Mentoring program

Many of our girls come from backgrounds where they have no Role Models

What we are ?

To help, support and keep young vulnerable girls in school. We speak out for girls at risk – informing , motivating and equipping parents, school and communities about the advantages of rescuing ,stabilizing and giving girl children an education which in turn will promote safe motherhood , prevent many from HIV/AIDS and generally create more stable communities.

To support, Educate and Empower Girls to become responsible leaders of next generation.

* Support Girl children stay in school longer by providing them with the necessary information that would help them avoid the typical teenage obstacles.
* To support Girl teenagers that have dropped out of school through our girl empowerment program.


Our Skills


We are Christian Organization, that supports, educates and empowers Vulnerable Girl children.

Why Girls? Anywhere in Africa Girls were always considered good for marriage and education would not automatically be a Right but a Privilege. In this 21st century, we consider empowering Girls our Mandate. We as an organization are doing our part on this important global Millennium goal. The longer girls stay in school, the better life will be at the grass root level.












I am one of the very first girls PPI supported. I am very proud to be a PPI member. I feel like a big sister to the other younger Girls. Am now a college graduate with Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management

PPI rescued me and have supported me through my education. I am now in year 5 of High School and one of the best students in my school and I want to be a nurse when I finish High School.

One day, PPI brought some visitors to our school. During the meeting I stood up and spoke my problems and one of the visitors became my sponsor. Am in year 3 of High School at Kalinabiri Secondary School. Grateful to PPI and happy. I want to be a lawyer in future.

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